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TiE Ahmedabad Founder’s Stories

Our section of “Startup Stories” is dedicated to celebrating the amazing journeys of startups in Ahmedabad and their inspirational stories. We believe that every startup comes with a different set of challenges and ways to overcome them, which makes them a great example for the other aspiring entrepreneurs!

TiE - News & Blogs

TiE Ahmedabad Blogs & News

Our “Blogs and News” section keeps you updated on all the latest corporate news and events through press releases, newsletters, and blogs. We also share selected inspirational and motivational stories that have been featured in the media, nationally and internationally.

TiE - Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups

TiE Ahmedabad Special Interest Group (SIG) is a community within the larger TiE organization with a shared interest in advancing a specific area of knowledge, learning, or technology wherein our members come together to meet, discuss, communicate, & produce solutions within their particular field by inviting an expert of the area. Our SIG members support each other with their learnings and experiences.





TiE Talks – 5th Edition

TiE Ahmedabad recently hosted its 5th edition of TiE Talks at Bucky Gallery, featuring two impressive entrepreneurs from the 2nd generation Mr.Kairav Engineer Executive Director of Astral Ltd and Mr.  … READ MORE

TiE Women Global Pitch Competition 2023 – Ahmedabad Chapter Finals

TiE Ahmedabad successfully concludes TiE Women 2023 – Global Pitch Competition Ahmedabad Chapter Finals. The competition showcased the incredible talent and innovation of the participating fempreneurs  … READ MORE

Meet – Mr. Sachin Sahni, President TiE Lucknow

It was a privilege for us to meet Mr. Sachin Sahni, the President TiE Lucknow and the Co-founder of Keeros Superfoods. Mr. Sahni shared his inspiring journey of how he entered the health & wellness bu  … READ MORE

TiE Talks – 4th Edition

TiE Talks Edition 4 hosted by TiE Ahmedabad at Bucky Gallery was set to showcase the journey of successful 2nd generation business owners. The panel of speakers included – Ms Priya Gandhi, Executive D  … READ MORE

TiE Meet-Up

TiE Ahmedabad recently organized an engaging event TiE Meet-Up. The event commenced with Welcoming the New Members who enthusiastically introduced their own businesses. Additionally, some existing me  … READ MORE

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TiE Angels - Ahmedabad

TiE Ahmedabad Angels

TiE Ahmedabad Angels is a network of Angel investors in Ahmedabad, as one of the chapters of TiE India Angels. Startups in Ahmedabad can apply to the Ahmedabad Angel group, which will further evaluate the startup for funding through regular pitch sessions.

TiE Women

TiE Ahmedabad Women is an entity of TiE Women that is developed to embrace, engage and empower women entrepreneurs across Ahmedabad – irrespective of the size of the enterprises, origin, standing, or background.

TiE - Young Entrepreneur - Ahmedabad

TiE Young Entrepreneur

TiE Young Entrepreneur (TYE) is a global entrepreneurship program for young & passionate high school students of Ahmedabad that aims at fostering next-generation entrepreneurs, innovators, and business leaders. It is a program that helps them learn entrepreneurial as well as innovation and presentation skills through practical workshops and mentoring sessions.

Entrepreneurship Program with University

Brainstorming with MICA young & energetic students on their innovative & unique business Startup ideas.