Shilpa Choksi, the name behind – House of Marigold. She is based in Ahmedabad and is only be-spoke designer of exclusive watches with an artistic bent of mind .She aspired to give a new life and identity to this vital piece of accessory and come with something exceptionally different making the conventional shapes a thing of the past. She had a vision to see the wrist watch not just as a functional piece to show time but as a piece of art, jewellery and as an heirloom. Shilpa had the courage to carve a niche for herself, make a brand and sustain it slowly and expand. She is the Designer of Marigold Watches , Jacaranda watches and Aabhasa watches from the House of Marigold.

House of Marigold sell quality watches, designer men’s wear and provides excellent customer services for customers seeking a reliable product from our collection.

House of Marigold is a proprietor firm owned by designer Shilpa Choksi , started-up as watch producer with High-end Luxury watch Brand – Marigold Watches. Marigold Watches are designer hand-crafted timepieces with innovative dials, taking care of intricate details in precious stones, VVS and FGH color diamonds, 18k gold & Swiss ETA movement. Its strategy is to serve the upscale niche clientele in the markets.

After the Marigold Watches success another two watch brands were launched – Jacaranda watches and Aabhasa watches. These brands have specially been designed to cater to people who maintain an excellent balance between their passion and their monetary poise. The watches in this brand are invincible but affordable and sumptuously grand.

Fabric Cook is a diversified designer men’s wear brand from House of Marigold, were renowned designer like Kawaljeet Singh and other designers features a range of phenomenal exclusive men’s shirts, Kurta’s and many more men’s wear collection from which your style become just as distinctive.